Powah Mission

Powah provides access to clean energy solutions. 

We contribute to the advancement of UN Sustainable Goals.

We provide lighting, backup power, off-grid power, home and institution power.

We believe that power is the foundation for sustainable communities and livelihoods. 

Our services

Energy Systems

Are you looking to run completely on solar energy, purchase a backup system,  purchase energy products, or even reduce your energy bills? Powah provides customisable energy solutions. We have designed energy systems for farms, schools, and offices in Uganda all looking to solve different energy needs. Call us at 0777.260.246 for your energy solution.

Powah All Initiatives

For many people in Uganda, access to affordable energy is not attainable. For this reason we have created PowahAll: an initiative that aims to provide lights for the most marginalised of students across Uganda.

We’re currently working to provide clean energy for school children in Bidi Bidi Camp, Northern Uganda.

Join us to Power All!


Project Solutions

Our  projects focus on providing access to income generation. Powah is designing a portable lab run completely on solar energy for off-grid communities. The lab will include access to wifi, computers, solar fast moving products like lights and phone chargers all powered by solar. If you want to find out more or partner with us, please email us at admin@powahonline.com.


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Interested in our services call us at 0777.260.246

We welcome interested community based organizations, NGOs and governments, corporate partners a like interested in the Powah Mission. Contact us at admin@powahonline.com

Interested to work with us? Email us at admin@powahonline.com

Our Solutions

Energy is at the core of all sectors, our impact spans across platforms.

Types of Projects and Designs

Education Access
Livelihood Access
PowahAll Lights Raised for Refugees

Our Partners